2015 – Vol. 1

Fiction 2015 Vol. 1

An Early Spring for Alex By Jevon Allen

Hello Kitty by Jane Joritz Nakagawa

Reasons for Song by Sue Sullivan


Creative Non-Fiction 2015 Vol. 1


Where is the Lion? by Atar Hadari

Catching Breath in Nagano by Anna Isozaki

What Should Adults Learn from Kids? by Morrison Lee

The Writing is on the Whiteboard by Connla Stokes



               ~ Love Letter, Diane Jackman

               ~ An Irregular Verb, Gill McEvoy

               ~ Fibs, Sarah O'Sulllivan


Essays 2015 Vol.1


English as a Second Life by Patrick Parr

The A to Z of an English Teacher in Hong Kong by Anna W.B. Tso


Author Bios and Pictures 2015 – Vol. 1