Author Index

Quill and InkThis page contains alphabetical lists by section of all writers and artists published in The Font – A Literary Journal for Language Teachers. 

Creative Non-Fiction


  • Clark, Nola: Wearing the Other Hat (2016 Vol. 1)
  • Drier, Brian Seth: Barack and A Hard Place (2014 Vol. 1)
  • Ewing, Kathy: Better than the Browns (2016 Vol. 1)
  • Greco, Michael: What is holding us back from becoming better writers? (2015 Vol. 2)
  • Hakala, Marjorie: What It Is Like Here (2014 Vol. 2)
  • Issacs, Layton: Studying the Public and Private in France (2014 Vol. 2)
  • Jenson, Jim: The How and Why of Me Becoming a Teacher (2014 Vol. 2)
  • Nash, Lindsay: Teaching English in Korea (2014 Vol. 2)
  • Parr, Patrick: English as a Second Life: Juggling Cultures in the Age of Globalization (2015 Vol. 1)
  • Ries, Brendan Joseph: Gourmet Teaching (2015 Vol. 2)
  • Rossiter, Paul: Language Acquisition (2014 Vol. 1)
  • Tanaka, Kathryn M: Thoughts on Poetry in the EFL Classroom (2016 Vol. 1)



  • Edmonds, Glen: From English Teacher to Art Curator – or, How one man was seduced by a Japanese nun. An interview with John Walker. (2014 Vol. 1)
  • The Font: Interview with Susan Laura Sullivan (2016 Vol. 2)



  • Hartse, Joel Heng: English in China: A Miraculous and Conflicted Encounter (2013 Vol. 1)

Visual Arts