Authors 2024 – Vol. 1

Timothy Ang (The Office Manager) has a Masters in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from the University of Alcalá. He teaches English part-time at Kansai University, Osaka Gakuin, and Otemae University. His current interests include Task Based Learning, Student Motivation, Computer Assisted Learning, and Curriculum Development.


Thomas Belton (The Italian Queen) is an author with extensive publications in fiction, poetry, non-fiction, magazine feature writing, science writing, and journalism. In addition, he is a marine biologist, an environmental scientist, and a public health official for the State of New Jersey. His professional memoir, “Protecting New Jersey’s Environment: From Cancer Alley to the New Garden State” (Rutgers University Press) won “Best Book in Science Writing for the General Public” by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.

In addition, he has published short stories in The Ekphrastic Review, Fterota Logia, Mystery Magazine, Mystery Tribune, Constellations, South Shore Review, The Satirist, Adelaide, Meet Me at 19th Street, Cicada and Art News. His short story “Seneca Village Arises,” (Meet Me @ 19th Street Journal) was awarded “Best First Chapter” in the journal’s contest for a Young Adult novel opening dealing with racial inequality, In addition, his short story “Murder at the Trocadero” won the “Writers Digest Writing Contest Popular Fiction Award” for Mystery/Crime.

Jerry Collins (Student Cognition) has taught writing at Syracuse University, as well as writing and Asia Studies for the University of Maryland/Asian Division on American military bases in Japan, Korea, Australia and the Marshall Islands.  He also taught in the U of Md’s Office of Overseas Programs in Vladivostok, Russia not long after the cold war ended.   Jerry received the university’s Presidential Award for exemplary service to the university and the Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award.

Titus Green (Chapter 6: Dropping like Flies) was born in Canada but grew up in the UK. His fiction, non-fiction and prose poetry have appeared in The Collidescope, Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Bosphorus Review of Books, HORLA, Literally Stories, Sediments Literary Arts, Fear of Monkeys, Nalubaale Review, Stag Hill Literary Journal, The Chamber, S.A.V.A Press, The Rye Whiskey Review, Empty Sink Publishing, The Font and Close to the Bone Publishing (forthcoming). He teaches English as a foreign language for a living.
His published work can be found at Home

Suzy Harris (Ode to High School French) is an American writer living in Portland, Oregon. Her poems have appeared in CalyxClackamas Literary ReviewSwitchgrass Review, and Williwaw, among other journals and anthologies. Her chapbook Listening in the Dark, about hearing loss and learning to hear again with cochlear implants, was released by The Poetry Box in February 2023 after winning third place in its annual chapbook contest, judged by James Crews. She has been recognized by the Oregon Poetry Association (most recently an honorable mention for an ekphrastic poem about a Marc Chagall painting) and served as poetry editor of Timberline Reviewin 2022.  Born and raised in Indiana, she is happy to call the Pacific Northwest home, and she is glad something good came out of her traumatic attempt to learn French in high school.

WilliamHeath(The Lonely Side of the Lectern) has taught American literature and creative writing at Kenyon, Transylvania, Vassar, the University of Seville, and Mt. St. Mary’s University, where the William Heath Award is given annually to the best student writer.  He has published three poetry books: The Walking Man, Steel Valley Elegy, and Going Places; two chapbooks, Leaving Seville and Night Moves in Ohio; three novels: The Children Bob Moses Led (winner of the Hackney Award), Devil Dancer, and Blacksnake’s Path; a work of history, William Wells and the Struggle for the Old Northwest (winner of two Spur Awards and the Oliver Hazard Perry Award); and a collection of interviews, Conversations with Robert Stone.  He lives in Annapolis.

Paul Hostovsky (Deaf Tables) is a sign language interpreter and Braille instructor living in Boston. His poems have won a Pushcart Prize, two Best of the Net Awards, and have been featured on Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, and The Writer’s Almanac. Website:



Linea Jantz (Smile: Absent) has taught in refugee resettlement, university and community college ESL, GED, and Spanish GED programs, a language school in Kyiv, Ukraine, and a wide range of other settings. Nowadays, she homeschools her children, is involved in advocating for outdoor education access for kiddos of all economic backgrounds and no longer burns water when she cooks. Her writing is featured or forthcoming in The Dyrt Magazine, The Greyhound Journal, Intrepid Times, Pamplemousse and various other publications.

Ron Jevaltas (Three Poems) lives in rural Wisconsin. He has been teaching elementary, middle school, and high school for 41 years. He’s been recently published in the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Calendar for 2023, and in the latest three issues of The Moss Piglet. He is an avid outdoorsman.



Hareendran Kallinkeel ( Saw, So, Sow) writes from Kerala, India, after serving in a police organization for 15 years and 5 years in the Special Forces; plus, 3 years as an online tutor for a US portal collaborating with American Universities. His fiction tends to be dark with some fantastic or magic realism elements, and rarely a hint of humor. Recent publications include Bryant Literary Review (Bryant University), El Portal Journal (Eastern New Mexico University), Cardinal Sins Journal (Saginaw Valley State University), Night’s End Podcast, and 34 Orchard. His story will appear shortly in Hyphen Punk Magazine. A finalist of Best of the Net 2020, he has also been nominated for Pushcart Prize.

Harold Legaspi (Banana: Yellow Outsider-White Inside) is an Australian writer born in Manila, Philippines, and living in unceded Darugland (Western Sydney, Australia).

Edward Levinson (Loss of Innocence) is a photographer, essayist and poet living in Japan since 1979. His book Whisper of the Land (Fine Line Press, 2014) is a collection of essays based on his life in Japan and includes many bilingual haiku. Timescapes Japan, (Nippon Camera, 2006) his award winning photo book takes one on a black and white pinhole photo journey through Japan. He resides in a countryside paradise on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture where he attunes to nature and the world around him for creative inspiration. Please visit and

Dianne Loyet is contributor of The Font’s regular column,   In Love with Language. She was born and raised in Illinois, and became determined to study languages at the age of nine when her much older brother told her she was a ‘mala puella,’ and refused to explain what it meant. That determination carried her through bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Russian at the University of Illinois in Champaign. She briefly taught Russian but then switched to TESOL, earning an MA from UCLA and a PhD from New York University. She has been teaching composition to advanced non-native speakers of English since 1993. Currently she is an adjunct instructor at the University of Illinois at Springfield Intensive English Program.

Defne Akıncı Midas (The Making of a Teacher) has been a teacher of English as a Foreign Language for about 30 years in Ankara, Turkiye. With a Scottish mother and a Turkish father, she has a rich understanding of both languages, their cultures and their sensitivities. She has written teaching materials as well as short stories for local institutional use in the classroom, and presented to academic audiences about creative writing and ways to teach it to class. She has recently started to write short stories and poetry for international audiences. Her interests can be followed in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

 Bego Montesinos (Education) is an English teacher who is currently working at a high school in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. An experienced educator who really enjoys what she does, that is, getting to inspire her students and motivate them to be better and smile. 

Her short stories and flash fiction have been published in various magazines online in the States and are available for purchase on Amazon.

She considers herself to be lucky enough to teach and learn in the process as education is a unique tool.  She believes in the power of love and follows her heart at all times. In fact, she sees empathy as the most powerful weapon to be known as it can really change the world.

She loves to travel around the world as traveling is her passion. She also loves to read and write and she ultimately takes photographs as she walks this life through mysterious paths. 

She does believe in humans and their ability to draw picturesque landscapes where others just see a deep void. The future is in us. 

  • Instagram: tricky_b7

James Mulhern’s (Turbulence) writing has appeared in literary journals over two hundred and fifty times and has been recognized with many awards. In 2015, Mr. Mulhern was granted a fully paid writing fellowship to Oxford University. A story was longlisted for the Fish Short Story Prize that same year. In 2017, he was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Two of his novels were Finalists for the United Kingdom’s Wishing Shelf Book Awards. His novel, Give Them Unquiet Dreams, was a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year. He was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2020 for his poetry. He is an English professor at Atlantic Technical College and Broward College in South Florida.

Michael Pronko (Outside of Class) became a professor of American Literature and Culture at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo after years of traveling, an M.A. in ESL, an M.A. in Comp Lit and a PhD in English from the University of Kent. His seminars focus on contemporary novels and film adaptations and he teaches classes in American film, music and art.

Michael has published three award-winning collections about Tokyo life and two mystery novels, The Last Train and The Moving Blade. The latter was selected as one of the best indie mysteries and thrillers of 2018 by Kirkus Reviews. Michael has written regular columns for many publications, including The Japan Times, Newsweek Japan, ST Shukan, and Artscape Japan. He runs his own website, Jazz in Japan ( More at: @pronkomichael

John Rucynski (An Introvert’s Guide to Language Teaching) has taught EFL/ESL for nearly 30 years, including stints in Morocco, New Zealand, the United States, and Japan. His main research area is the role of humor in foreign language acquisition and intercultural communicative competence. He has edited two volumes on this theme, New Ways in Teaching with Humor (TESOL International) and (with Caleb Prichard) Bridging the Humor Barrier: Humor Competency Training in English Language Teaching (Rowman & Littlefield). His latest project was editing A Passion for Japan (BlueSky Publishing), a collection of personal narratives by long-term residents of Japan.

Muhammad Khurram Salim (My English will Shine) was born on the 23rd of June, 1967, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I started taking an interest in writing when I was a child and wrote poems and short stories for the Bangladesh Observer newspaper, from 1977 to 1985. I was awarded a silver medal in Shankar’s Children’s Competition of India (1983) for a short story I wrote. I have been published in various anthologies and magazines, over the years. I take a keen interest in writing stories and novels, poetry and plays and essays too. Many of my writings have been published, online, over the years. I have lived in the U.K. most of my life, but have spent some of my years studying and writing in Bangladesh and the USA too. Writing and creativity make my life most enjoyable.

Jason Schaefer (Nothing Anything) is from the US but for the last ten years has been living and attempting to teach English in Spain. He tries to write in English, too. His fiction has appeared at Cowboy Jamboree and will be published at JAKE soon too.

Hibah Shabkhez (Linguistic Limbo) is a writer of the half-yo literary tradition, an erratic language-learning enthusiast, and a happily eccentric blogger from Lahore, Pakistan. Her work has previously appeared in Pleiades, Miracle Monocle, Glassworks, Windsor Review, Moria, CommuterLit, and a number of other literary magazines. Studying life, languages, and literature from a comparative perspective across linguistic and cultural boundaries holds a particular fascination for her.

David Sheskin (Calligraphy) is a writer and artist who has been published extensively over the years. Most recently his work has appeared in The Dalhousie Review, The Satirist, Chicago Quarterly Review, Tamarind, Shenandoah and The Journal of Irreproducible Results.  His most recent books are Art That Speaks, David Sheskin’s Cabinet of Curiosities and Outrageous Wedding Announcements. A former university professor, he is the author of The Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures.

Michael Stalcup (Accent) is a Thai American poet living in Bangkok, Thailand. His poems have been published in Commonweal Magazine, First Things, The Moth, Sojourners, and elsewhere. Michael co-leads Spirit & Scribe, a workshop helping writers integrate spiritual formation and writing craft. Find more of his work at


Meredith Stephens (From Seminars to Sailing) is an applied linguist from South Australia. Her recent publications have appeared in Agape Review. The Blue Mountain Review, The Muse, Mind, Brain & Education, All Your Stories, Fresh Words – An International Literary Journal, and Phoenix Z Publishing. In 2022, with Yudai Aoki, she won the Michelle Steele Best of JALT award for Extensive Reading.

Lilita Tannis (English and Life) is a Canadian writer and poet who has taught English as a Second Language to adults in Toronto. She has also directed and taught full length plays in the Latvian to grade 6 students who speak Latvian as their second language. She has published in The New Quarterly, The Poemdemic Anthology (Secret Handshake), The Haiku Canada Review, Haiku Canada Anthology, Trillium Haiku Group Anthology and On Écrit. Her live poetry reading was featured in the “A part of” series”, Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. She is currently working on a feature length screenplay.

Terry Trowbridge (Ship Manifest) has been a university teaching assistant for 17 years, and is currently a plum farmer. He is grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for his first writing grant.


Tanya Verver (pen name) (I Know You Do Not Exist) was born in 1983 in Severodvinsk, the place where Richard Chancellor first landed in Russia trying to find an alternative sea way  to India and from where the trade relations between England and Russia evolved. For a while she studied in an art school in Severodvinsk.

She graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 2005 with a degree in international commercial law and mostly worked as a banking lawyer. She also studied financial risk management at London School of Economics  in 2009-2010, although  failed to graduate. Still, she worked as a risk manager in private, foreign owned banks and state affiliated financial services companies. She used to write  poetry in her youth and has resumed writing recently in our harsh volatile times. 

Lane Wattle (she/her) (Questioning My Preschool Lesson Plan) is a Preschool Teacher and mentor in early childhood services in Victoria,  Australia. As she teaches in a cultural and linguistically diverse locale, she relishes the creative curious process of supporting children’s belonging and communication beyond boundaries of verbal expression. Outside of teaching Lane paints, hikes and writes late at night due to the community of birds that share her home. They insist on using the keyboard during the day. Connect with Lane on Instagram @lanewattle

Brittney Walker-Zaleski (Closure) is an American poet, artist, English teacher and TEDx speaker living in Estonia. She’s currently pursuing a Pan-European Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Cedar Crest College. Her work has appeared in Tangerine Lit, The Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, Prometheus Dreaming, and From Whispers to Roars among other online publications.