Visual Arts

‘arames’ by Tiago Celestino retrieved 7th May 2017 from is used on The Font 2017 Vol. 1 issue poetry page ‘On Boundaries’ in accordance with terms of licence stated at time of download.

“Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was once a wonderful thing called tenure…”



“Parrot Talk”, Angie Reed Garner’s surreal take on the experience of studying German
while living in Abu Dhabi (she is from the US), was cover of the 2014 Vol. 1 issue. She says of the painting:
“I was attempting to capture the mind-bending experience of incubating a
foreign language– I don’t have an ear and I am not a talented speaker, to
say the least, though reading and writing come very easy. Accordingly this
image feels right to me, but more adept students of languages may not at
all relate.”

The Explanation (1)

“The Explanation” by W. Jack Savage

The Mountains of Ararat

“The Mountains of Ararat” by W. Jack Savage

The Escarpment“The Escarpment” by W. Jack Savage

Heatwave by W. Jack Savage“Heatwave” by W. Jack Savage



Cartoon May 2014

Used with permission by Drawn & Quarterly