Current Issue 2021 Vol.2

Column – In Love with Language – By Dianne Loyet

Creative Non-Fiction

Danny’s Revenge – By George Braine

That Moment in Montmartre – By Edith Gallagher Boyd

Deja Vu in Dammam – By Titus Green

The Phone Company that won’t do Business on the Phone – By Sarah Somerset

Aisatsu – The Importance of Being Seen and Noticed – By Meredith Stephens


Traps – By Luke Draper

The Married Rocks – By Brian Grover


Vespers, Hue – By Patrick Dougherty

chasing the rIsing sun – By floyd h. graham III

The Magic Words – By Jaipreet Grover

Early Lightning – By Julie Allyn Johnson

Teaching is a Women’s Job? – By Hardy Jones

Perfect – By Jessica Kirzane

Three Poems – By Jared Kubokawa

Word of the Day – By James Mulhern


De Zoet Does Japan – By Jennifer Igawa

L’Espirit de L’escalier: A Mancunian in Japan – By Andrew Innes

Hybrid Identities: Teaching While Learning – By Wan Li

The Joy of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Japan – By Michael Lin