Education: Rise

by Bego Montesinos

They say that life is about sharing, about listening and learning from lived experiences, about transforming gray into smiles and that is why we are here today: to remind us that empathy is a subject of life and that change is evolution, thus motivation being the history we write as we are to go along.

And meanwhile the classroom and those restless, curious, very present eyes allow me to be myself: surfing, excited, between emotions and concerns, perceiving the awakening of the senses and critical thinking of some beautiful young people who are and want to be heard: those who are true inspiration. Those who remind you that teaching is exchange, is passion, is to evoke. To make you believe that you can and must believe because without them, you, this planet becomes sterile, withered. It is them, you, who belong to our nearest future.

And because of my pupils, because of them, every day a different hue is drawn in the sky: that brightly colored universe through which I have sailed and continue to navigate among the clouds: my heaven.

Never, dear ones, stop believing that dreams are the ultimate soul and that they outline an incessant chord in our being within.

I am fortunate to be part of the lyre that is this so-called education.

Because we will be remembered for how we made others feel.

Because love emanates the highest note I have ever heard: their voices!

This is your legacy, Mom.

Dedicated to my beloved students.