Enlightened Alphabet

By Edward Levinson

A is for “Anata” (you in Japanese)

B for Bob the times are changing


C is for Cat get on the Peace Train

D for Drunk Poets Seeing God


E is for Everyone has it in them

F for Fun in the Sun


G is for Going Going Gone Beyond

H for Heartaches and Harvests


I is for Invisible when you need to be

J for Jamboree more celebrations


K is for Keep On doing it

L for Love is One Answer


M is for Merry Mind

N for New not Negative do


O is for Open One

P for Passion Play


Q is for Questing Questions

R for Roaming Romantics


S is for Sitting in Sounds of Silence

T for Tuning in and out


U is for Unusual Universal Us

V for Vivacious Victory


W is for We are the World

X for Multiply Be Fruitful


Y is for Yellow Smiley Face

Z for Zato Ichi the blind swordsman

fighting for the good.


Notes for those who are not familiar with some of the references:

B= Bob Dylan’s song “The Times They Are A Changing”

C= Cat Stevens song “Get on the Peace Train”

D= “Drunk Poets See God” is a popular ongoing poetry “open mic” group, mostly in English, that meets monthly in Tokyo.