The Making of a Teacher 

by Defne Akıncı Midas


I did Practice Teaching only once

We had no other chance

Trust issues in place I guess

Simple show of prowess


Supervisor observation

Hypertensive palpitation

Waves of hands go up and down humming all the while

Me thinking “Oh great, saved by the bell!”


Post-obs conference and reflection

Begs resilience – not defiance nor condemnation

Expecting a pat on the back, instead

“Clean the board as you start my child,” he said. 


Then came the in-service observation

Thought it meant professional evaluation

Alas much bravado welcomed over substance

Though no stranger to the notion – or rather its absence. 


My employer my trainer – no less

“Go home, do knitting, perhaps” she begs 

 “Do clean the  lockers before you leave”

Numb. Nowhere to bereave. 


New school, hard training – yet again

No time to ease trauma or pain

No need to suppress, though, it seemed

My skills are highly deemed!


“Would you teach new teachers?” they ask

“A born teacher” they praise

No joke, as it turns out

I can teach! Though some, this news might amaze!


Do no harm – a motto for teachers? True

Should be taught to trainers, too.