Animal Kingdom

by Jaipreet Grover


When my kids exhibit signs of boredom,

I make them visit our little animal kingdom.


Lion, the king of the jungle roars aloud,

Giraffes, the tallest can be spotted in the crowd.


Monkey, the chatterbox, loves to play by hanging on the tree,

Do they look quite similar, gorilla and chimpanzee?


The fluffy panda dances joyfully,

Hippo and Rhino play in the water happily.


Cheetah, the fastest never leaves its prey,

Elephants, the largest can be seen in brown and grey.


Never dare to touch the cubs of a tiger,

Jaguar is indeed a powerful fighter.


The kangaroo’s baby loves to play merrily,

In Kangaroo’s pouch, smiles safely.


The school bell rings as it’s recess time,

We will learn animal sounds together next time!