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Authors and artists published in The Font – A Literary Journal for Language Teachers. 

Creative Non-Fiction




  • Edmonds, Glen: From English Teacher to Art Curator – or, How one man was seduced by a Japanese nun. An interview with John Walker. (2014 Vol. 1)
  • The Font: Interview with Susan Laura Sullivan (2016 Vol. 2) and Interview with Steve Redford (2019 Vol. 2


Column – In Love with Language

Loyet, Dianne E: Why I Teach (2018 Vol. 1), Nauseated or Nauseous? (2018 Vol. 2),     I Love Language, But I Need to Love People More (2019 Vol. 1) , How I learned to Stop Hating on and Embrace Emoji (2019 Vol. 2)


  • Hartse, Joel Heng: English in China: A Miraculous and Conflicted Encounter (2013 Vol. 1)

Visual Arts