Authors 2022 – Vol. 2

Gale Acuff (Three Poems) has had poetry published in hundreds of journals in over a dozen countries. He has taught tertiary English in the US, China, and Palestine.




Jevon Allen (The Carpenter’s Hammer) has lived in Japan for around twenty years teaching in almost every different sector from Elementary Schools to Universities.  He now runs his own English School in the Higashi Mikawa area.  He has been creating stories since he was a child and continues to write to this day.  Jevon has published several times for the Font and is working on a book.  Please go to the Font’s Library to check out his previous work.

Gopal Prasad Bashyal (Stubborn: personal or public), an author, educator and researcher, has been working as teacher trainer at Education Training Center, Palpa, Nepal. He is well-read of his textbooks, reference books, and literary pieces including poems, stories, essays and travelogues. He published The Recollections, a travelogue based on his study in the US and Gharadekhi Parasamma (from home to distance) as the collection of his articles based on his visit to different places of Nepal during different training events. He has collections of poems, stories and essays, in English and Nepali language, which are waiting for printing. He leads Wangmaya Pragya Pratisthan (the literary academy) Palpa which organizes activities like poem recitation, workshop and seminars on different genres of literature, publication of books etc. He also contributes articles on education and literature to the local and national newspapers in English and Nepali languages. He is approached at

George Braine (Asleep at the Oral Defense) taught English for more than 40 years in four countries before his retirement.




Cherie Brown (‘M’, Editing and A Vindication of the ‘Writes’ of (One) Woman) now lives in New Zealand, but was formerly an Assistant Professor in the EAP Program at Akita International University, Japan. She has published TESOL resource books and learning materials, along with academic chapters and articles for professional books and journals. Cherie has presented numerous teacher-development workshops across Southeast and Central Asia through the ‘Teachers Helping Teachers’ organization, a special interest group within JALT (the Japan Association for Language Teaching). She founded and, with the support of BELTA (the Bangladesh English Language Teachers’ Association), manages the ‘Stories About Ourselves’ website, which provides culturally relevant, graded, English language stories written by Bangladeshi writers, along with supporting reading activities, for use by teachers and learners of English in Bangladesh.

Abigail B. Capititin-Principe (True Story) arrived in Japan in April 2000, a recipient of the Monbukagakusho Scholarship, she then decided to stay for the long haul. She finished her Masters in Library and Information Science at Aichi Shukutoku University. Born in the Philippines, she grew up reading horror and science fiction stories. Her favorite authors are Stephen King and Ray Bradbury. She has an interest in all things tech, and has published articles on technology in the classroom, and using apps for second language acquisition. She likes taking photos and posting on Instagram, @nagoyacamera. She also has a slightly strange hobby of taking photos of drain covers and posts these on Instagram as well, @drainspotter. “True Story” is her first published fictional short story.

Doug Dawson (A.P. English) hails from Brooklyn, New York, wrote extensively for the US Defense Dept. and as a freelancer had some 40 articles and fiction published by car magazines (“Vette Vues,” “Corvette Enthusiast,” “Corvette” magazine). He holds degrees in music and computer science, studied fiction writing at Johns Hopkins University and has had his short stories accepted for publication by Academy of the Heart & Mind, Ariel Chart, Aphelion Webzine, Literary Yard, Scars Publications in the U.K. (3 stories), Scarlet Review, HellBound Books, LLC (story “The Poetess” appears in “The Devil’s Doorbell 2” anthology), Goats Milk and others and poetry accepted by Page & Spine.

Luke Draper (Ladders) is from Portsmouth, UK and has lived in Japan, on and off, since 2009. He currently works as an English lecturer at Kwansei Gakuin University, Hyogo teaching EAP and literature and is the current Publicity Officer for the JALT LiLT (Literature in Language Teaching) group. His research interests include using literature in language teaching, pedagogical stylistics and interactions in creative writing workshops. He gained his MA in creative writing in 2006 from the University of Chichester, UK.

Titus Green (Enter the Gladiators) was born in Canada but grew up in the UK. His fiction and non-fiction has appeared in numerous online and print magazines, including The Collidescope, Adelaide Literary Magazine, HORLA, Literally Stories, Sediments Literary Arts, Fear of Monkeys, Stag Hill Literary Journal, The Chamber, S.A.V.A Press and The Font. He teaches English as a foreign language for a living. His published work can be found at


Benjamin J McCracken was born and raised near Flint Michigan where as a child he could be found exploring the woods with grass-stained knees. He has lived most of his adult life in Japan where he is currently a professor at Shiga University and the Resident Director of the Japan Center for Michigan Universities located in Hikone on the shore of Lake Biwa. Before working in academia he practiced law in the United States. You can find some of his rants and short stories at his homepage

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa’s (Early Spring) tenth book of poetry titled Plan B Audio was published by Isobar Press in 2020. She is also the editor of an anthology titled women : poetry : migration [an anthology] (theenk Books, 2017). Jane’s fiction and essays have been published in numerous journals. She lives in Hamamatsu Japan and can be reached at janejoritznakagawa(at)gmail(dot)com.

Asako Kajiura (The Rooster: Cover Art) is an artist, masseuse, and teacher.  She loves drawing with crayons. The main themes of her crayon drawings are animals and nature. She especially focuses on the issues of animal rights/welfare and environmental destruction. Creating images to represent animal rights and abuse empowers her to contribute to positive change. Most of her work can be found at her website (  

R. Paul Lege (Cultural Cricket) is a displaced Cajun interested in all things cultural. He was voted most likely to become a hermit. After a pilgrimage to Japan in 1988, a Japanese woman took pity upon his mendicant approach to life. From his pauperism, she encouraged him to complete graduate degrees in the humanities and information science. Much of his writing has been in these scholarly fields. Over the last 20 years, he has been teaching academic writing at Nagoya University, which has allowed him to collect antiques and stamps (thanks to a generous grant from his wife).

Nolo Segundo, the pen name of L. J. Carber, (Ludic) is a retired English and ESL teacher [America, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia] and currently conduct classes as a volunteer for the ‘plus-50 set’. In my mid-70’s I became a published poet and essayist in over 100 literary journals/anthologies in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Romania, Portugal, and India, and a trade publisher has released 2 books of my poems: The Enormity of Existence  and Of Ether and Earth. 

Meredith Stephens (Language Teacher as Language Learner) is an applied linguist from South Australia. Her work has appeared in Transnational Literature, The Blue Mountain Review, Agape Review, Borderless, The Writers’ and Readers’ Magazine, The Journal of Literature in Language Teaching, The Muse, Reading in a Foreign Language, Fresh Words – An International Literary Magazine, and anthologies published by Demeter Press, CanadaNow that she is retired she enjoys putting theory into practice by learning new languages and traveling to countries where they are spoken.

Joyce Taniguchi (An Opportunity) been writing for many years now beginning with Tokyo literary magazines: Printed Matter, Edge, Sakura. Even as I taught at several universities, I found enjoyment in my writing courses and in helping students produce an English language campus newspaper. Plus, I’ve written academic articles, often dealing with writing. Working for the Tokyo campus of Teachers College was also an opportunity. As years passed, I realized my pleasure was in working with students and encouraging them to develop their talent.

Sean H. Toland (Editing) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Intercultural Studies at The International University of Kagoshima. He has taught English as an international language (EIL) in Japan and Korea at every level from elementary to university and worked as a high school teacher in Canada’s far north. Sean enjoys developing instructional materials and frequently incorporates creative writing tasks into his EIL classes.

James Mulhern’s (Two Poems) writing has appeared in literary journals over two hundred times and has received many awards. Mr. Mulhern was granted a fully paid writing fellowship to Oxford University. A short story was longlisted for the Fish Short Story Prize. In 2017, he was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His novel, Give Them Unquiet Dreams, was a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year. He was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2021 for his poetry. 

Shizhou Yang, (Running with David) PhD (La Trobe University, Australia, 2011), postdoctoral visiting scholar at Purdue University (2014-2015), has taught English at a Chinese university for 20 years. He now teaches creative writing, composition and other courses at Payap University in Thailand. His research interests include L2 writing, identity and language teacher development. His publications have appeared in international journal such as Journal of Second Language Writing and L2 Journal. His Routledge monograph Autobiographical writing and identity in EFL education explores pedagogical potential of life writing in the EFL context. He also presents at international conferences frequently. Additionally, he serves as a reviewer for six international journals and as an associate editor of MEXTESOL Journal non-refereed articles. In his free time, he enjoys writing a few lines.