Brave Soul Wins Heart

by Ervita Carolina Tania 


Here I was, sitting lazily and watching you soullessly

Longing to see you defeated

There you were, struggling heartily and fearlessly

For dreams and hearts you defend


But fate seemed to play hard on you

Didn’t care how you have wounded and suffered.

And here I was cunningly cheered your false

Your torture is my fortune


And there you were facing your defeat easefully

Though you have broken your-self to very pieces just to found your loss

Though your figure was failed to hide your wounds

Something in that moment moved me.


The sorrow behind your smile

The sincerity beyond your sacrifice

The hearty heart and brave soul that keeps you standing

You lose the fight but you win a heartless heart of mine.

It might not be enough to compare to

But this heart is willing to walk with you till the end

No matter how many more fight you fail