Chinese Characters – 3 Poems/ Lessons

By Yuan Changming


Heart Renditions: Introduction to Chinese Characters

忍:to tolerate is to bear a knife

                                                                        Right above your heart

怒: anger influxes when slavery

                                                                        Rises from above heart

愁: worry thickens as autumn

                                                                        Sits high on your heart

闷: depressed whenever your heart is

                                                                        Shut behind a door

意: meaning is defined as                              

                                                                        A sound over the heart

思: thought takes place

                                                                        In in the field of heart

忘: forgetting happens

                                                                        When there’s death on heart


Etymological Insights: Lesson 2 in Chinese Characters

臭:stinking results from just one bit of too much self-conceit

黨:party in politics means to uphold the principle of darkness

认:knowing someone involves paying attention to whatever s/he says

值:worth is determined by how straight a person stands

债:debt must be paid because it’s a human responsibility

武:military forces are used only to stop war and maintain peace

吻:kiss is an act of not only the mouth but also the heart


Eight Chinese Trio-Characters (Lesson 3)

猋:three dogs running together means to fly fast

毳:three pieces of hair put together indicates as much subtlety as sensitivity

贔:three mounts of money deposited together stands for hard work

鑫:three kinds of metals stuck together signifies prosperity

垚:three units of earth piled together represents a mountain towering against the sky

森:three trees standing together presents a whole forest

淼:three bodies of water flowing together describes a vast expanse of sea

焱:three fires burning together refers to an extremely bright flame