2021 – Vol.1

Column – In Love with Language

Why Can’t I Haz Grammar? With Dianne Loyet

Creative Non-Fiction

I Feel Your Pain. Do You Feel Mine? By Sue Brennan

Shady Practice By Cherie Brown

Lamparilla By Ruben D. Escudero Jnr.


On Payette Lake By John Gribble

An Excellent Night of Theater By Hardy Jones

Achieving my English Learning Goal at all Costs – What did I Sacrifice? By Kadidja Koné

Snookered, or, Why the British Talk That Way By Fred Russell

Distractions During Zoom Lessons By Meredith Stephens

Overnight By Noeme Grace C Tabor-Farjani

From Hoeing the Cornfields to Teaching English By Shizhou Yang


Ms. Representation By Andrew Innes

The Odyssey By Chris Mares

How Many? By Armod Zyther


Wedged Underneath a Heavy Desk By Casey Briand

The Monster Manual By Ian Goh

Heritage Language By Jessica Kirzane

The Sounds of English By Terry Owen

Adverbity & So What Does a Poet Do? & Alchemy of Ink By Linda Watson Owen

Visual Arts

5 Photographs – Letters at Our Fingertips, The Gift of Literacy, The Storyteller, Early Classroom, and Great Expectations in the Woods By Christopher Woods