Current Issue 2023 – Vol. 2

Column – In Love with Language

Fast and Furious by Dianne Loyet

Fiction 2023 -Vol. 2

For Bread, Not Money by Muhammad Khurram Salim

Momentum by CDV

The Novelist by Lekha Murali

The Polyglot by Richard Krause

Sleeping Princes and Sozzled Kamikazes by Titus Green

You Don’t Just Get To Change Your Mind by Jared Kubokawa

Poetry 2023 -Vol. 2

Amy by Patrick Dougherty

Brushstrokes by Ron Jevaltas

Caramel Apple Cider by Danny P. Barbare

CLEANING OUT by Janet McCann

The Family Tree by Jaipreet Grover

Learning by Jenny Lester

The Mind Code by Author: Muhammad Khurram Salim

Of Course I Think to Myself by Fern G. Z. Carr

Two Poems by Phil Huffy

Pesky Porcupine by David Sheskin

Pondering Over a Tomato Soup by Shizhou Yang

A Substitute Teacher Gets a Spanish Lesson from a Kindergartener by Stephanie Abraham

Essay & nonfiction 2023-Vol. 2

Deaf Interpreter by Paul Hostovsky

DENGLISCH by Helga Gruendler-Schierloh

Mr. Pann by Susan Rubinyi

My Experience: Reading is an Intellectual Inebriation by Chandra Bahadur Lama

Second Language Learning, Teaching, and Growing: My EFL Story by Sohyeon Lee

Who am I? by Suzanne Kamata

You Couldn’t Tell Who the Back Row Students Were by Jennifer McClung