2020 – Vol. 1

Fiction Vol. 1 – 2020

Outside by Willow Barnosky

The Rotten Mikan by Andrew Innes

Daisy by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Julia in the Desert by Suzanne Kamata

Cheating by Charles Kowalski

Peppermint Candy by James Mulhern


Non-Fiction Vol. 1 – 2020

Two for the Price of One by Cherie Brown

Teaching During the Corona Virus Shutdown by Maria Fachal

Context for my Outrage – Teaching and Learning after Graduation by Michael Pronko


Essays Vol. 1 – 2020

This I Believe by Cathy Adams

Teaching and the Art of Compassion by Nataliya Kharchenko

Escaping from Osaka on the Dreamy Sea Bream Train by Meredith Stephens


Poetry Vol. 1 – 2020

Lament, and Things that I would not like to forget by Molly Lynde

Simply Silly by James Mulhern

A Language learning Adventure with Wrecked Haiku by Emily Reid Green

The Wow! signal, This is home now, and Gaps by Eugene Ryan

Hell-box by Peter Taylor

Heart Renditions, Etymological Insights, and Eight Chinese Trio Characters by Changming Yuan


Column – In Love with Language

Midwestern Linguistic Humor Comes into its Own at Last by Dianne Loyet