Editorial Committee

The Font currently has the following members on its editorial committee. All are experienced, published writers and qualified language teaching professionals.

James Crocker (Editor Emeritus) – Australia

Kelly Quinn (Chief Editor) – United States

Jared Angel – United States

Peter Mallett – England

Tom Gullikson – United States 

Brian Gaynor – Ireland

Steve Redford – United States

Gareth Jones (Visual Arts Editor) – Wales

Megumi Ohsumi – Japan/Switzerland

Catherine LeBlanc – Canada

Mark Donnellan (Web Manager) – Ireland

Submit Work

Submissions are reviewed by members of our editorial committee. After review, submissions with the most literary merit, related to the theme of The Font, are selected for publication. The journal is published twice yearly in the spring and the fall/autumn. The submission guidelines are here.

Submissions should be sent electronically to submissions@thefontjournal.com and correspondence via our web contact form.