The Alphabet Family

by Jaipreet Grover

Each letter in the alphabet family,

Has its own unique identity and story.

With zig-zag, curves, and tails in writing,

Each letter possesses a distinctive personality.

Though each letter has its exclusive sound,

But the reading of ice cream and igloo, and eagle and earth will make you think like a merry-go-round.

In this family, a special one is the letter “e”,

Its power will elucidate why it is popularly called “Magic e”.

This letter “e” has some cosmic magic,

And we can understand this by learning its logic.

Like “can” becomes “cane”, and “man” becomes “mane”,

“Fat” becomes “fate” and, and “dam” becomes “dame”.

When letters are grouped as consonants and vowels,

They give birth to a sound that is indeed a novel.

Two consonants form blends and two vowels form digraphs,

This fun way of learning makes kids laugh!

Always remember the golden rule of English,

Follow their logic to hone your skills that shine like polish!