The Magic Words

By Jaipreet Grover


In the kingdom of interminable words,

Paramount are the “Magic Words”.


Yes! Their magic unites this entire world,

Irrespective of countries and languages, they are called the Golden words!


Learned through rhymes and stories in our childhood,

From fairy tales to Little Red Riding Hood.


Their inclusion in a sentence glams up the look,

Their usage personifies one’s positive outlook.


Let’s recall them one by one,

Together we’ll have a lot of fun!


Use “Please” to make an order into a request,

Melts everyone’s heart with fervent respect.


Use “Sorry” as a medicine to cure the mistakes,

Follow the right track without previous retakes.


Use “Thank you” as a way to evince gratitude and appreciate,

For gifts and presents, the acknowledgment should never be late.


Use “May I” to politely seek permission,

“Excuse me” clears doubts and give correct solutions.


In this hustle-bustle of life, don’t forget to use “Please, Sorry, Thank you”,

These are indeed Golden words that will always help you.


The more often you use them, the more you will thrive,

They will illuminate your path and give meaning to your precious life.