Without a Word

by Maniku Jein

Green, bird, forest, and tree

Is that the home?

Hooked from the beginning, here

And they have always been there


Tell the day as if you can listen to me

Cry the day as if you can see my eyes

Smile the day as if you can feel my heart

Without a word, yes! I do without a word


Green, you are my life

Bird, you are my pulse

Forest, you are home

Tree, you are mine


Admire you without a word

Love you without a word

Hug you without a word

Wait you without a word


Without consciousness

Love can grow even if our fingers never touch

Be a soul and half a person

Be the last and stay to the end


Dear, my chirpy bird

As the winds dance today, both slow and fast.

Such they are, my love is impassioned in every breath

Without a word